Nepal dating and marriage

The profiles contain complete personal and professional details of all the boys and girls.All the profiles are updated and verified by a team of experts.Men also gain a bad reputation if they divorce their wives, but they do not lose ritual status if they remarry.For other groups Divorce involves much less stigma for women.However, among the Sherpa marriage takes place in stages, perhaps for years.Thus a husband and wife may continue to live with their respective natal families for years and only visit each other.

In groups throughout Nepal young wives look forward to visiting their natal families during their first few years of marriage.

Hypergamy is not commonly practiced except among some Rajputs in the Terai and a few interethnic marriages where trade-offs are made between ritual status and class.

However, for many groups marriages entail hypergamous relations among families and lineages as a post facto result of the higher status accorded wife takers over wife givers.

Other groups such as the Tamang and Nyinba prefer bilateral cross-cousin marriage.

In general, most marriages are made between couples of the same generation.

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