Nfs mount folder contents not updating

Also note that because "-alldirs" is not specified, incoming connections will only be able to connect to the /Kodiuser folder, NOT any folders underneath it. Once you've configured and saved your /etc/exports file, the NFS server can be started either by rebooting or by executing the following command: flag not being set, but they result in different error messages or issues.

For more info on network sources for your music and video in Kodi, see Types of Media Sources.Open it and add the option "-N" to the startup parameters as follows: If you don't do this step, Kodi will only be able to access the Mac's shared NFS folders if Kodi is running as root (normally, Kodi does not run as root, so you will almost certainly want to do this first step and add the -N parameter). The NFS server and its shared folders are set up in a config file named "exports", located in the /etc directory.Technically speaking, with NFS you "export a path" rather than "share a folder" (which is why the file is named "exports"), but we'll use the latter phrasing for simplicity's sake.To explicitly mark a mount point as a private mount, type the following at a shell prompt: In order to prevent a given mount point from being duplicated whatsoever, an unbindable mount is used.Network File System, or NFS, is a way to share folders over a network, and was added to XBMC in v11 (Eden).

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