Oprah winfrey dating life

She had never resided in that house ever and we have no idea as to what function she had used the house for.Oprah had purchased three properties in her hometown; two of the properties she has since sold.And the romantic affair made Oprah wonder if she and partner Stedman Graham should tie the knot.“I think that it’s interesting that you would ask it because I thought about it again at Tina Turner’s wedding,” Oprah revealed.A loving mother-child relationship ensued between the two and Oprah tried adopting the child.But his mother refused to separate her child from his other siblings.“Because Tina was like, ‘Oprah, you need to do this.

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However, since he failed miserably to meet the standards of behavior, Oprah withdrew her support.

“I think it’s acceptable as a relationship, but if I had the title ‘wife,’ I think there would be other expectations for what a wife is and what a wife does.

First of all, you’ve got to come home sometimes,” Oprah laughed.

It is a monthly Magazine founded by none other than Oprah Winfrey herself with Hearst Corporation and is aimed at womenfolk, and contains expert advice, style ideas, health tips, mouth-watering recipes and more.

The magazine has dedicated this year to exploration and self-enrichment and named as ‘Year of Adventure’.

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