Proco rat 2 dating

There are so many options when you factor in your guitar settings, other pedals, and your amp, so experiment and find your tone with the RAT!

Does a killing Rage Against The Machine (Bulls on Parade, Bomb Track) but also a great chili Peppers if you roll back the distortiona bit (Mellowship Slinky, The Righteous and the Wicked).

RAT 2 (1988 – present) The RAT 2 was introduced in 1988 and had the same enclosure as the previous RAT.

I did run across some great resources here and here that helped me to find out exactly which model and year this was made by considering the date of the potentiometers.

The number on the pot is R1379227, and as the 4th and 5th numbers are the date of manufacture, this one was made in 1992.

I spent the first moments feeling the weight of the steel, and looking inside at the circuit board. I missed the pedal, even if there is no LED to the reissue. The Circuit Board has the number ‘2492’ stamped onto it, including RAT RE-ISSUE 1991.

Dating this by serial number seems to be a trivial effort by the looks of the boards out there.

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