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Also known as the Blue Album, Weezer's self-titled album was certified 2x platinum by the Recording Industry Association of America (RIAA) on August 8, 1995 and was certified 3x platinum by the RIAA on November 13, 1998.

As of August 2009, Weezer's self-titled album sold at least 3,300,000 copies in the United States.

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According to Andy Greenwald, "this was the period when emo earned many, if not all, of the stereotypes that have lasted to this day: boy-driven, glasses-wearing, overly sensitive, overly brainy, chiming-guitar-driven college music." Emo band Texas Is the Reason bridged the gap between indie rock and emo in their three-year lifespan on the East Coast, melding Sunny Day Real Estate's melodies and punk musicianship and singing directly to the listener.The American punk and indie rock movements, which had been largely underground since the early 1980s, became part of mainstream culture during the mid-1990s.With Nirvana's success, major record labels capitalized on the popularity of alternative rock and other underground music by signing and promoting independent bands.Although the origins of the word "emo" are uncertain, evidence shows that the word "emo" was coined in the mid-1980s, specifically 1985.According to Andy Greenwald, author of Nothing Feels Good: Punk Rock, Teenagers, and Emo, "The origins of the term 'emo' are shrouded in mystery ... If Minor Threat was hardcore, then Rites of Spring, with its altered focus, was emotional hardcore or emocore." Mac Kaye traces it to 1985, attributing it to an article in Thrasher magazine referring to Embrace and other Washington, D. bands as "emo-core" (which he called "the stupidest fucking thing I've ever heard in my entire life").

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