Qvt overseas liquidating

As a result of the above, ALTIN’s allocation is gradually shifting back to deploy capital more closely in line with its overall mandate.More specifically, the exposure to Protection Strategies is being reduced, overall risk is being increased whilst at the same time re-allocating to less liquid strategies where expected returns are higher.New customers will also receive our Conditions of Purchase agreement which you will need to read, agree to and sign.Orders can be placed: We welcome customers to our facility.

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In that context hedge funds ended the year on a positive note.The year even ended in a dramatic fashion with a last minute agreement on the so-called US fiscal cliff.However, with the result of the US election, the political transition in China now complete and the stabilisation of the Eurozone’s situation, many political uncertainties are now behind and markets have gradually started to re-focus on what should be at the core of the markets’ dynamic: the state of the global economy and the myriad of forces determining the valuation of each security.Currently, ALTIN is invested in more than 30 hedge funds representing diverse investment strategies.Its objective is to generate an absolute compound annual return in USD terms with lower volatility than equity markets.

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