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45, married Vanessa Williams from dated until last year. When his romance Banks ended, began starred two Tru Calling Dollhouse. Canadian film television actor, businessman, former basketball player, Esports franchise owner.

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While the past 19 years have been filled with wonderful rap music, and some dramatic stylistic shifts within, the following 45 producers have put in the greatest and most influential work behind the boards since the turn of the millennium.

You feel exhilarated because after carefully letting down your guard to someone, this person has appreciated having been given the tremendous gift of you.

Part two (how you feel about your partner) flows from this.

Here’s why: The “falling in love” kind of love, not the familial love that you have, say, for your parents or children, is about receiving.

The other kind of love—the tender feelings for children, or the compassionate love that you have when you’ve been married 50 years—is about giving.

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