Rihanna dating rumors

Some speculated that may be the reason their friendship ended — others weren’t so quick to dive into the theory. Political Pundit Chris Hayes tweeted several times about the steamy pictures, questioning the identity of the man photographed.

For a couple that refuses to admit whether they are actually in a relationship, her reluctance could be to blame.

I just hope that there is some validity to these, because listening to Rihanna’s songs as one long love letter to Drake is the only way I like to listen to them.

Ri Ri said in a recent interview that she doesn't have time to date right now, so obv she's not seeing Mr. Apparently in response to the interviewer's question, "how does Rihanna Di Caprio sound to you? ), the singer said, "It sounds to me like you should stay away from the blogs because they will screw you every time... ) 3/5: Since we first heard the rumorthat one of our favorite humans, Rihanna, might be dating one of our teenage-era crushes, Leonardo Di Caprio, we've felt : sure these kind of reports are almost always too good to be true, but how great to have two of our loves IN love?!

Does anyone else feel, if they were in a relationship, that Rihanna would be the one to tap the brakes and remind Drake — like she does with this line — to not misunderstand her cues for something they’re not? If the rumors about their on-again off-again romance are true, this lyric could definitely be about how hard Rihanna makes it to fall out of love with her.

When you look at the lyrics that way, they all start looking like secret love messages to Drake.

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