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i just to want to check it out, i can't find that link.

So And just to be a piss-ant, I went over my finances: IRA, income, mutual funds, my houses. Don't say me it's fake, i just want to check it by myself with free credits...I asked the site if a women could get my contact info. Then it doesn't matter how long you talk to the women or if you even come to Ukraine or Russia to meet the women, they will make every excuse they cannot meet you.Talk a year, talk 2 years, talk 8 months, talk 6 months and it is never enough for the fake women and this site to let you meet.But they don't they lead you on forever saying the girl is not yet ready and other bs excuses. It is most unlikely 'she' is on-line on all these sites 24/7 (as she appears to be)!The woman are programmed to get you to sirens as much as possible. Instead, 'agents' (men and women) take commission working shifts writing for the profile.

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