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It is a quintessentially American story that opens a rich conversation about ethnicity and religion and how, through popular music, Jews help define the American mainstream.Mia Beurkens, Exhibit Designer, who recently designed for Ralph Applebaum Associates built an eye-popping, 35-foot mini-prototype of what will turn into something roughly 15 times the size.A writer, promoter, and researcher fresh off a stint of Torah study in Jerusalem.Greenblatt studied Film and Media at Swarthmore College and brings youthful energy to our [email protected] need your help.

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From Carole King to Regina Spektor, Gene Simmons to Mike Gordon of Phish, and DJ’s like Alan Freed, the impact of Jewish musicians, songwriters, performers and music management on Rock & Roll music is astounding.

Jews, Rock and Roll will introduce you to a part of our history that most never knew - Elvis’ maternal grandmother was Jewish; Willie “The Lion” Smith, the great Harlem stride pianist, served as a cantor; “Strange Fruit”, Billie Holiday’s “song of the century,” was written by a Jewish schoolteacher.

Pink, Drake and Mike Gordon of Phish share their Jewish stories.

Here are the coolest rock couples of all-time, many of which have played a huge part in the shaping of rock history. ” many people will cry, and for a long time it did seem that this was the case, since even Jack himself would say this to the press.

Public records discovered in 2001 revealed that they were not brother and sister, and instead man and wife.

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