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Rory and Erica are full vampires while Sarah started out as a fledgling vampire which is a vampire that hasn't drank human blood.

The cast of I Love Sarah Jane - 2008 includes: Brad Ashby as Jimbo Anton Enus as Newsreader Vladimir Matovic as Joey Richard Mueck as Zombie Beau South as Rory Mia Wasikowska as Sarah Jane Peter Yacoub as Gram Unfortunetly, even though it appears as Rory has found her true love, Logan, after dating Dean and Jess, Rory is proposed to by Logan, and tells him not yet, because she had just handed her dream job in California, while Logan is resedented is London, and once again impatient Logan says, its now or never, and Rory being the smart charming, strong wonderful girl she is, grasiously denys his proposal and they break-up.

Rory Bushfield has: Played Rory Bushfield in "Salad Days" in 2002. Played Himself - X Games Gold Medalist in "Kendra on Top" in 2012.

Played himself in "Voice of the Unknown: A Paranormal Investigation" in 2011.

The cast of Salad Days - 2002 includes: Mark Abma as Mark Abma Rachel Belliveau as Rachel Belliveau Anthony Boronowski as Anthony Boronowski Rory Bushfield as Rory Bushfield Mickal Deshenaux as Mickal Deshenaux Phil Dion as Phil Dion Boyd Easley as Boyd Easley Clint Fiala as Clint Fiala Dan Gardiner as Dan Gardiner Phil Larose as Phil Larose Kristi Leskinen as Kristi Leskinen Dash Longe as Dash Longe Marie Martinod as Marie Martinod Jon Mc Murray…

The cast of The Way I See It - 2010 includes: Mark Abma Ingrid Backstrom Rory Bushfield James Heim Russ Henshaw Eric Hjorleifson Gus Kenworthy Richard Permin Sean Pettit Cody Townsend Colby West Jacob Wester Henrik Windstedt The cast of The Dream Factory - 2012 includes: Ralph Backstrom as Ralph Backstrom Chris Benchetler as Chris Benchetler Rory Bushfield as Rory Bushfield Angel Collinson as Angel Collinson Tim Durtschi as Tim Durtschi Dana Flahr as Dana Flahr Max Hammer as Max Hammer Dylan Hood as Dylan Hood Todd Ligare as Todd Ligare Dash Longe as Dash Longe Nick Martini as Nick Martini Seth Morrison as Seth Morrison Callum Pettit as Callum Pettit Matt…

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