Sagittarius woman dating a scorpio male

Many astrologers believe that, with the right mix of people involved, a match between an Aquarius and a Scorpio is one of the great dark horse romances of the zodiac – it works fantastically, but nobody saw it coming.In truth though, it can involve a little more work than that.It’s hard to deny that there’s a special kind of chemistry that exists between Aquarius and Scorpio, not least owing to their roles as the zodiac’s most enquiring minds.While Scorpio skulks like the classic noir detectives in unravelling the underbelly of life’s great enigmas, Aquarius is more like the eccentric professor, all inventions and tonics.Such symbolism suits Aquarius well if you replace the water in the vase with knowledge, wisdom and technological advances that benefit humankind.Scorpio, on the other hand, is ruled not just by the scuttling scorpion as seen in its constellation, but also by symbolic animals like the serpent, the noble eagle and the mythical phoenix.

Unique in thought, deed, fashion sense and outlook on life, the Aquarius woman likely notices the Scorpio man long before even his sharp senses know she’s looking.Conversely, the Scorpio man sees love as an all-encompassing, all or nothing game that he has to win.He’ll protect, guard and nurture his Aquarius woman proudly and fiercely, but she could feel suffocated as a result.That’s because Scorpio is a water sign, signifying emotional depth, and intuition.Although the majority of Scorpio’s emotions are tightly controlled, rarely betrayed by his or her expression, within each such individual is a roiling inner ocean of feelings and gut reactions.

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