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" During a 2018 appearance on Fox News, he said, "I think Hillary should be in jail.

Lock her up." Then there’s his Fox News show, where Clinton-related scandals are a favorite topic of discussion. 6, 2017: "Comey, the Obama Justice Department, were protecting Hillary Clinton for laws she broke that we’d be put in jail for." - Jan.

He's not a politician, but he takes positions, which have, as he puts it, a way of "evolving." He was, for example, against amnesty for illegal immigrants, and then he was for creating "a pathway to citizenship," and then he was against that idea.

"The evidence is overwhelming and incontrovertible that Hillary Clinton committed multiple felonies by putting ‘classified’ and ‘Top Secret’ information on a private server." "Crowds that chanted ‘Lock her up’ were clearly referring to that," he said.In the process, Fox News's top-rated host has regained ratings supremacy, pushed back against an organized boycott of his advertisers and quieted rumors of his impending departure from the network.Hannity, long a movement conservative, nonetheless embraced Trump, who is largely allergic to ideology.Could the ACLU help Sean Hannity get his show back?Stewart Holden, a local lawyer who volunteered for the ACLU, was intrigued.

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