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That might seem incongrous with their arrogant me-me-me-me-me-me-me attitude on display, but they have a tremendous sense of unworthiness that causes them to lash out at others in an attempt to increase their self-esteem.

The ones I’ve known personally have an unfathomably deep sense of shame about something in their lives, usually in early childhood.

The empath literally feels what someone else feels, whether it’s strong emotion or physical pain.

I know because I am one, and I’ve made friends with other empaths over the years because it’s helped me deal with my difficulties.

He has retained complete ownership of the company, which has 75 employees."By the time I found out what VCs were, I was already making millions in profit, and I didn't see the need to raise money because I wouldn't know what to do with it," he told Business Insider."It was a profitable company, and there was no need to raise money." Plenty of Fish's deal with Match will close by the end of the year.I have frequently felt a heavy pain in my chest when someone was near– and by now I can tell the difference (most of the time) between someone else’s physical pain and my own–only to find out that the person was having heart trouble.I’ve felt the inner anxiety of a person, the hidden stresses behind the smile, the anger no one else could see right before someone lashed out or became violent.She’s exhausted after being cooped up with a sick baby for the past week but the grandparents are babysitting, the picnic basket is packed, she’s put on her prettiest dress, and she’s so happy and excited as she waits for her husband to come through the door after work.She can feel how tired he is because she’s an empath who feels physical feelings of others.

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