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She is down in the dumps about not having a husband with much $ and she openly and willingly will have an affair to make her sad self feel better. Xoxo Let me introduce you to a professional gold digger and all around slore of the decade contender.

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She has her own 2 children and her second husband but can’t find her own happiness within that world.

I called her and her fiancé who also happens to be a supervisor at the same facility only to get a whole denial from her!

I then pulled out the messages and BOOM, him and her were both busted! A real woman would have been owned up to her dirt but not this little b1tch!

She prefers they be in a relationship before she starts talking to them.

She drains them of their money, finds another, and discards them for the new one. She has been engaged more times than you have fingers, but always finds a reason to leave.

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