Spring ball trouble dating sim walkthrough

:) //In-game options// [optn] On the opening screen, the three options read: Start New Game Continue Game Options Covering Options first: ~ Text Display Speed [Normal/Fast/Immediate] ~ Command Progress Speed [Normal/Fast/Skip] ~ Sound [Voice/BGM/Sound Effects] ~ Restore Default Settings ~ Album ~ Endings ~ Return If you're starting a fresh game, the first thing you'll be asked for is your family name, followed by your given name. SD characters who join you ( :) and above) : Hariya Anastasia Confectionery increases Style, Fitness, Social and Charm. SD characters who join you ( :) and above) : Haruhi URSULA Select Shoppe increases everything except Fitness, which decreases.Next, fill in your birthday, then pick your blood type. Here we go: Saeki Teru – ae, be Hikami Itaru – bf Shiba Katsumi – bd Hariya Kounoshin – ce Christopher Weatherfield – af Amachi Shouta – cf Wakaouji Takafumi – ad Masaki Motoharu – cd Note that the accidental kiss does not happen immediately after you take the questionnaire - it occurs on the first of May. SD characters who join you ( :) and above) : Hikami, Chiyomi Handicrafts increases Arts, Style, and Social. No effect on Intelligence SD characters who join you ( :) and above) : None Jobs... SD characters who join you ( :) and above) : Saeki Nei Music House increases Arts, Style, Social and Charm. SD characters who join you ( :) and above) : Himeko Anneri Floral House increases everything except Style and Charm, which have no change. SD characters who join you ( :) and above) : Todou Debugging decreases every parameter. More to come; stay tuned :) If you wind up seeing gibberish on the page, you need to change your browser settings: For IE users, right-click/encoding/Japanese (Shift-JIS) For Firefox users, view/encoding/Japanese (Shift_JIS) For optimum viewing, I recommend using Google Chrome.It's also the long-awaited sequel of the PS2 version - Tokimeki Memorial Girl's Side: 2nd Kiss.You could have really weird names like Ohohohoho-san and the guys would still say it with a straight face XD ) //Preset Events// [prst] (in order of occurrence) The Legend of the Mermaid “Why are you crying? ” And so, the youth and the maiden who met on the shore fell in love. 3) What do you hope to focus on in your life as a student? How to get: adh, aeh, afh, afi, bfh The artistic type: Intelligence 35, Arts 60, Style 50, Fitness 40, Social 30, Charm 45. For the best effect, only sleep on weekends and public holidays, since sleeping on weekdays tends to lower your other parameters a lot more. SD characters who join you ( :) and above) : Saeki, Christopher Reading Magazines increases Style, a bit of Charm and a little bit of Arts. SD characters who join you ( :) and above) : None Hanging out with... She decreases a bit of Intelligence, Art and Fashion. Onoda Chiyomi increases Social, Intelligence, and a bit of Fitness. XD Looking through your wardrobe lets you experiment with different styles of clothes, and lets you set outfit combinations for easy access later.The maiden watched the calm sea, her eyes expressing what she wished to say in words. How to get: adi, bdg, bdh, bdi, cdi The fashionable type: Intelligence 35, Arts 40, Style 60, Fitness 45, Social 30, Charm 50. Note that if your Stress rockets above 100, your character gets a fever and is incapacitated for a few weeks. SD characters who join you ( :) and above) : Saeki, Hikami, Wakaouji Painting increases Arts, a bit of Style, and a tiny bit of Intelligence. You also get to sell your older clothes and accessories for some quick cash.Cue another pretty CG where you can poke at him a bit for kicks, but the moment's ruined when you find yourself asking him for directions. The email option lets you receive correspondence from your girl friends.

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It just determines which girl you'll meet on your first day. The heroine can access different commands, which allow her to raise/decrease a multitude of parameters. SD characters who join you ( :) and above) : Christopher Band increases Arts, Style and Social. The Call command lets you call guys for dates/get a job.The main gripe I have about the EVS is that it hasn't really improved much from 1st Love - most of the longer name combinations will still be drastically shortened. You might want to base your answers on which guy you want to get and which parameters are required for them. The basic layout on the touch screen: Sleep | Study | Paint | Club | *Join/Quit Club Exercise | Read Magazines | Groom | Hang out (Girls) *Call | *Go Out | *Yuu | **Taku | **Tarou | Wardrobe | Internet | Option | Calendar | Email | DATA | * accessible only on weekends/ public holidays ** accessible on weekdays, only after certain events take place ... SD characters who join you ( :) and above) : Saeki, Shiba, Wakaouji Grooming increases Charm, a bit of Style and a tiny bit of Arts. Mizushima Hisoka increases Social, Arts, and a bit of Charm. He decreases your Intelligence, Arts, Fashion and Charm. Baseball increases Social and Fitness, decreases Charm, Intelligence, Arts and Style. SD characters who join you ( :) and above) : None Track and Field increases Fitness, Social and Arts. You'll see 3 available optons: - Check your current status with everyone you know (including bombs) - Check information on particular guys/girls (also how you get phone numbers and birthday dates registered on your calendar) - Skinship Lesson The skinship lesson's pretty interesting - you get to try out different skinship techniques on your underage male neighbour.Awkward name sequences don't register either :( (Definitely where the PS2 version wins out! The studious type: Intelligence 60, Arts 45, Style 45, Fitness 35, Social 30, Charm 45. And the parameters on the left screen: Stress ストレス | Rich リッチ度 Intelligence 学力 | Arts 芸術 Fitness 運動 | Social 気配 Style 流行 | Charm 魅力 Sleeping reduces your Stress, but it also lowers the rest of your parameters. SD characters who join you ( :) and above) : Saeki, Hariya, Amachi Exercising increases Fitness and a bit of Social. It decreases Social, as well as a bit of Fitness and Intelligence. Nishimoto Haruhi increases Social, Fitness and Style. She decreases a bit of Fitness, Style, and Intelligence. Majima Tarou increases a LOT of Stress, and a bit of Fitness, Social, Fashion and Charm. SD characters who join you ( :) and above) : Shiba (3rd year) Lacrosse increases Fitness, Social and Charm. Well, if Konami finds it socailly acceptable, then it must be!After bidding farewell to the mermaid, day after day, the young man continued to scan the ocean horizons. How to get: adg, afg, bfg, ceg, cfi And the section for the accidental kiss: 4) What type of guy do you like? The calendar is a handy option when planning your dates, study times, etc.And one day, filled with determination in his heart, the youth left the island in search of his love. And so tells the legend, the sad story of the mermaid – The game opens with a narration of the Mermaid story, followed by a pretty CG with a half-concealed face of a young boy (Konami definitely needs to work on their suspense - it doesn't exactly take a genius to figure it out) who seals a promise to the heroine with a kiss. You're then brought to the present, and you run into Saeki Teru, the main dateable character, for the first time. You can track the start of holidays and basically get a look at your schedule ahead.

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