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At this point A City Dressed in Dynamite slows to a strut while limping past the hustlers and junkies in Pills for Everything.

Before you can catch your breath, the upbeat stomper Cry dances carelessly towards an eerie dive into the deep end with Kiss the Cook, a disparaging tale set to Jeremy Page’s amazing arrangements.

Put your life in the hands of your sharply dressed tour guide Godforbid, and just pray that you'll live to tell the story... The album starts off like a jolt of lighting with Damn Door, a dense lounge track declaring the album’s intent before tumbling into the dark, piercingly intense Wintergreen.

Keeping the tempo up is the distinctive Rob the Prez-O-Dent, employing unique arrangements and an over-the-top subject matter to guarantee a lasting impression.

See full summary » Nathan, 16, lives alone with his father Stephane.

While some may critique the ending as "predictable", but IMO any other type ending would destroy this movie.

The B-Side begins with Viva Discordia- a whimsical vaudevillian track showcasing Godforbid’s catchy rhythms and word play- then turns without skipping a beat slamming into Squares-a quirky pop song poking fun at the modern hipster.

The next stop, Mexico, is a bright stumble through the foreign alleyways and dirt roads complimented perfectly by Jeremy Page’s engaging string arrangements.

This emotional conclusion is a perfect selection to be played while the curtains are closing at the opera house and the epic finale to the booze-ridden joy ride that is A City Dressed in Dynamite.

"Knock Yourself Out" followed up in 2004, and in 2006 they released "Fully Automatic".

Having a loyal supportive crowd in their home region is the only form of true succes that the band has seen.

Each week it seems like there’s a new reason why a date night can’t happen – but we fight for them.

In this video we are talking about why you should date your spouse every single week and 4 things you can do to make sure it happens.*KEY TAKEAWAYS*1) MAKE TIME Schedule the same night each week for your date nights and STICK TO IT!

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