Travis clark dating 17 year old

Following the death of her father when she was 8, she was taken to an orphanage where she was physically and sexually abused for two years.Costello met Thea while visiting YGAP beneficiary Hagar International in Cambodia.All I know is that he said the last 2 years were the best 2 years he ever had. As I sit here typing out this story, I just constantly think about how blessed I am with Travis in my life!He's my best friend and I seriously can't wait to marry him!Despite there being a major language gap between Costello and Thea, the two bonded over games.Near the end of the night, Thea painted all of Costello’s fingernails blue along with painting a blue heart on his hand; and it was the very next day that he realized wanted to do something regarding violence toward children.As we were standing there, he decided that he wanted a picture of us..last picture before we got engaged!

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We then parted ways and we both knew that there was more to come!

On the day of our second year anniversary, Travis proposed! Originally it was just going to be me and him, but thankfully he invited his brother and sister-in-law with us!

You see I was getting ready to delete my subscription when Travis first sent me a message. He had to get a new cell phone and forgot to download the app back on it! My parents weren't too keen on me meeting some random guy I had never met over the internet.

I was getting ready to delete it as I had been mostly getting 40-50 year old men who had been in previous relationships/marriages with several children..don't get me wrong... (I'm an Apple person and always will be) : P A week later he FINALLY replied back to me and we got to talking some more. So..decided they had to meet Travis before we went to dinner.

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