Updating asus eee pc

this is related to my post over here but i think it deserves it's own thread and it'll get more attention with a more specific title.

sorry if it's a bit of a cross post.i want to upgrade my BIOS on my EEE PC 900. ROM on a fat32 formatted USB stick.[sidenote] the wiki originally said to name the file 701. be that as it may, i tried it both ways with the same result below.

I had lots of trouble locating the ACPI driver that worked on this model so I decided to post it on the web.

ACPI Driver for EEEPC 900 (Zip File) To use this driver for Windows Vista and Windows 7 you will need to change the setup program to compatibility mode of Windows XP SP3 or SP2.

In the console window type “sudo bash”, and click enter. Type “nano /etc/apt/sources.list”, which will load a simple text editor to edit this file.

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Easy to disassemble, easy to upgrade, and easy to create warranty headaches is probably the slogan many advanced users will be thinking soon after they get their hands on an Asus Eee PC.

You will want to add an additional server, by moving the cursor down an additional line (press down till you hit the last filled line, then press end, then hit enter).

Then type in “deb xandros4.0-xn main contrib non-free”, and save your work. With that added, you can now install Gimp (and other applications inside that group).

Below are the step-by-step instrucions: Click on the “Work” tab and open the file manager.

Inside the file manager click on the “tools” option in the menu bar, and select the option to open a console window.

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