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Similarly, it also had problems with names which actually tried to exercise the variety of name characters permitted by the XML specifications.

The output was much more correct than the output from its non-validating sibling.

The processor rejects a substantial number of documents that it should accept, producing fatal errors: In addition, this processor has entered infinite loops when asked to parse some documents. As for documents which should have been rejected but were in fact accepted, there were many of those also: Support for multiple text encodings seems weak; documents declared as being encoded in "UTF-16" were inappropriately rejected.

This has been observed with UTF-16 input text (which sometimes produces less drastic errors) as well as with some numeric character references. Japanese encodings were neither rejected nor handled consistently.

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The MSXML package was originally intended to provide XML support for Internet Explorer 4 users.

That's a bit puzzling, but it does suggest that the core engine needs only minor tweaks to make sure they're both equally correct.

Also of note is the fact that this validating processor accepted none of the SGML-isms that the non-validating one allowed in its input DTD syntax.

Your Content Handler will be notified of default values for optional attributes.

If it uses some custom mechanism, you may have to do a "prepass" reading (some of) the source file to discover the schema, then reading it again with the Validator Handler in place.

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