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This is particularly true of data like phone numbers, which are typically private data used to deliver both application functionality, such as messaging, and security features like 2-factor authentication. NET Core provide data validation capabilities to make it easier to handle standard data types more robustly. NET frameworks provide for validating phone numbers, the capabilities are limited, particularly with respect to internationalization (“i18n”).Application development frameworks, including the . Fortunately, there is a open source library, in your .Handling phone numbers effectively is important for security and ease of use in all these software systems.To help Android and other application developers answer the question "Is this a valid telephone number?You'll learn more about the functionality here than you will in the docs in the libphonenumber-csharp repo. NET Core Web Application project, Phone Check, choosing the Web Application (Model-View-Controller) template.Also check out the Quick Examples in the Readme to get an overview of usage. Let’s walk through the process of adding it to an ASP. (A separate article will cover using the Java Script version of libphonenumber to do client-side validation, but remember MVC’s advanced model state validation gives you the capability to provide good feedback to the user as a product of server-side validation.) To help you if you get lost along the way, or want to compare your code to a reference implementation, there’s a runnable version of this example on Git Hub. NET Core 2.1 web application that includes this library. For our demonstration project it isn’t necessary to add Authentication to the project, but creating a source code repository is a good idea so you can track and revert your changes.

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This is a great thing, but not convenient for C# developers working in ASP. NET Core who want to do server-side data validation (which is definitely a good thing to do).If those checks pass we can use the You can use this pattern to perform a wide variety of checks and transformations on phone numbers, including formatting a number for international dialing from with mobile phones and landlines from various countries.If you want to try additional checks using the class in the Controller you can write them to output or add more fields to the view model and the view.Here’s an example of a phone number property as a simple string using the enumeration method of validation: used interchangeably in C# code, and since the first usage is shorter many developers turn to it as a matter of habit.Although both approaches will work identically in the vast majority of cases, the derived class format does make your code more complex behind the scenes and provide a path for introducing bugs, so it’s better to use enumeration format unless your requirements call for the derived class.

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