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C., has some pretty extensive regulations governing street performers, including a special section relating specifically to bagpipers.

Along with rules laying out where and when pipers can pipe, there is also legislation stating that a bagpiper can't perform at "the same time as another street entertainer whose performance includes bagpipes." Sadly, this eliminates the possibility of ever hearing "Duelling Banjos" played with bagpipes.

I realized very quickly as I was educating staff that my nurses were very busy, and wondered how I could get information to them in small snippets, first of all, and second of all, how I could increase their access to education.

I wasn’t able to grab them all at once and teach them, so as a result, I began to look at computer-based teaching for the nurses.

Appl Clin Inform, 2012;3(4):356-366,(PMID: 23227134) Lucero, R., Sheehan, B., Yen, P., Velez, O., Nobile-Hernandez, D., & Tiase, V. I serve on the leadership team for the Nursing Informatics Working group, and I also serve as an AMIA mentor for new students coming into the field.

(2014): Identifying Consumer’s Needs of Health Information Technology through an Innovative Participatory Design Approach among English- and Spanish-speaking Urban Older Adults. I lived in Spain for a summer so I am proficient in Spanish.

Then as electronic documentation started, I already had some knowledge from my computer-based teaching, so I decided to go back to graduate school and pursue informatics as a career.

Note to Etobicoke lawmakers: next time take a bath, fill it with three-and-a-half inches of water and see how that works out for you...

Our laws aren't the only confusing thing about Canadians.

I study how the patients are using the apps, what’s working for them in changing their health care behaviors, and then I do a bit of work on the clinical work flow side, collecting data.

Essentially through those health care apps I am looking for how we can use these patient generated data to assist our clinicians and their work flows.

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