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“They both agreed Ali should go on the show to chase her dreams of fame,” the friend explains.However, despite being tipped to win Tim’s heart, Ali was sent home, and wasted no time getting back in touch with Steve.You make me laugh until my cheeks hurt, and they hurt ALL the time!😂 #soinlove #adventurers #activegetaway #romanticgetaway #nthqld #thisismagneticisland A post shared by ALI WELLNESS 👸🏼 (@alioetjen) on And while some may argue that it's because Ali, 32, and Taite, 28, simply want to show the world they're loved up, other critics believe that the nature in which they've been flaunting their romance is questionable.Then, in what appeared to be their most cringe-worthy publicity stunt to date, Taite teased that they had "baby news" to announce on an episode of Yesterday, the bank manager from Melbourne was also seen partying with his mates at the Grapevine Gathering festival at Victoria's Yarra Valley -- and Ali was nowhere to be seen.Instead, Taite was seen dancing with a mystery brunette on Instagram. He made it very clear from the start that while he knew winning the show is good for your public profile, becoming the heartbroken reject who gets a second chance is even better," a source told the mag. We've been hiding it for so long so to physically be with each other we can explore the world and do everything that normal couple's get to do."And Ali is on the same page, telling the publication, "We are going to give this a real crack. We are going to go grocery shopping, get a coffee together, do normal stuff.Now, just days after the finale aired across the country, New Idea can exclusively reveal the salacious details behind Ali’s secret affair with her exboyfriend’s brother and how it tore the siblings apart.

"Taite continued: "I was excited about Ali being there, but it wasn’t that type of excitement!

She would send hundreds of texts and ring his phone until the battery ran out.

He even had to disconnect his doorbell because she just pressed it for hours.” Eventually, Ali and Steve’s relationship ended when Ali accepted an offer to star on The Bachelor with Tim Robards as the leading man.

"I'm so happy, I found the love of my life," he gushed in a recent interview.

Speaking to Ali and Taite over the phone ahead of tonight's big finale, the couple assured 10 daily that they're both "stronger than ever" and "more in love than ever", and sounded giddy with excitement to be reunited after months of having to keep their relationship a secret. We haven’t really got a plan, but as long as we’re together we’ll be happy -- whether that’s in Adelaide or Melbourne or Sydney, or wherever -- we’re ready for it."And on the topic of "exploring each other", we...

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