Xiao gui and rainie yang dating

Cause i want her ;) Plus she pulled it off she acts quite well and made me believe every word.She isn't shy about it anymore I saw on her page with other women in provactive ways with holding and doing other things with ladies in pictures, fully clothed but yes they do make you want you to think that she is at least bi.I don't think she is I just think she is very comfortable in doing scenes for magazines and such and doesn't not have a problem with the gay community.

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However, they are not in a boyfriend-girlfriend type of relationship.When it comes to wide-leg pants, it is crucial to find a pair that compliments your hips and waist.Read more The sea has a romantic appeal that is hard to experience elsewhere.Once when filming "Entertainment 100%" Rainie suspected that Alien had done botox, Alien tried to clarify the matter but Rainie wouldn't believe it, thinking that he was too girly, because of this the two of them were angry at each other, Rainie then said that when she saw how skinny Alien was she was shocked, that's why she suspected him, men should be more natural.Christmas and New Years is coming closer, Rainie said that she's too busy and has no time to date, she's really anticipating receiving blessings from the one she fancies, she wouldn't say who the opposing party was and ambiguously stated that they were still only in the friendship stage, this lead to people guess that it was Show.

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